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Easy To Assemble - ASUS ROG 2012

Tue 31st Jul 2012 - 10:57am News

During this week one of the biggest European tournaments will occur in Helsinki, Finland: The ASUS ROG 2012 aka Assembly Summer 2012 in which AiSeiplo will compete.

If you take a look at the players participating in this one, you certainly know there is much money on the line. With $13,000 for the first place and even $1,000 for the fifth to eighth place it's a fair split for the players. So who are those players ?

To begin with the foreign scene there are several players send to Assembly from their teams. Evil Geniuses send out four players and the new recruit EGSuppy qualified, Fnatic also got four players in this one. Nevertheless there are seven koreans in the groups which will be a difficult situation for the foreigners but also one in which they can prove their strength. Besides the foreigner vs Korean battle, there several interesting stories like IdrA or HuK who both have to show some good results to testify their value for the team or if SortOf can show us once more why he got second in the WCS Sweden Finals.

Seiplo's group consists of TheStC(who is replacement for Naniwa), HuK and Naama. After his recent performance at the WCS Sweden Finals it's in his hands to prove us once more that he is capable of beating those players in a best of 5 match.

Yes, you heard right. The Assembly Summer 2012 features a GSL like double elimination group and because we all like this kind of elimination the Assembly team even got two of those group rounds. To explain the the group stage shortly: In each group two players will face each other in a BO5 match; the winners of both matches faces each other and the winner of that BO5 will advance to the second group stage. After that both losers from the first matches will face and the winner of the Loser's match will fight for his tournament life against the loser of the Winner's match. The winner of the last and fifth match will advance as the second place in the group, the loser will drop out. In other words, watch some GSL. In addition to the two GSL style group phases the follow-up will be a single elimination bracket with BO5s until the BO7 finals.

So far it seems that Seiplo is in good shape and has the potential to beat every single player at the ASUS ROG Summer 2012. Let's hope that he has kept this shape over the last few days to show it once more.

Seiplo Hwaiting!

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