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AiHEADHUNTER's Youtube Channel - Hunting for your views

Thu 9th Aug 2012 - 6:33pm News

Take a look at the Starcraft scenery on Youtube and you will find at first all the „elders” of the scene like Husky, Day9 or HDStarcraft which all have been producing content since the beta of Starcraft. Then you will also find several tournament channels ranging from the IGN Proleague over TSL to the NASL and they all have tons of VODs stored there. So besides those huge contributors there are the unknown casters that maybe have a decent quality but no subscribers and there are those guys who try to be the next Day9 without listening to their own voice or their production value looks like a kindergarten production.

So if you want to get some subscribers and views you need something special. Something people would come back for and that is what AiHEADHUNTER delivers on his Youtube channel.

With the insight of a professional player who plays against the best players in Europe AiHEADHUNTER casts his own games on his Youtube channel and shows the average player how to win games and also why he uses a strategy. Furthermore he talks about his opponent which can be useful for already good players that maybe struggle against those opponents and want to get an advantage over them.

Let's hear what AiHEADHUNTER says himself:

Interview with AiHEADHUNTER

First of all: How would you describe your channel to Starcraft fans? What is special about it ?

The special thing is that I combine 1st person view with the post-game analysis. That means viewers can see only my point of view, they "work" with the limited amount of information I had during the game, but in meantime I can fluently talk about whats going on, what my strategy moves are and why (which is something players are not able to do while playing "live").

How often do you upload games of yours ?

It depends on how many games I’m playing and whether they are useful for a Youtube video. I want to upload only good, interesting games or games from which we could learn something. So far I was able to make about 2 videos per week.

Anything for your fans ?

So far I don’t have many fans, Its really hard to "breach" the community, to make myself visible, when there already are so many other players and famous commentators, but I think I have something viable to say. I was always better in game "theory" then playing itself, I think when I am analyzing the game it really makes sense and it can help many players in their performances. I hope I get more viewers/fans over time, so guys if you like my videos, share them, post them anywhere you want, subscribe. I would really appreciate that. Thank you!

Thanks for the interview 

In conclusion you will definitely learn from AiHEADHUNTER's Youtube channel regardless of your league. In other words if you wanna get the insight of pro player and also learn some secrets of the Protoss race: Go and check out his Youtube channel.



Also check his Facebook page & his stream

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