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Real joins Alien Invasion

Sat 1st Sep 2012 - 5:03pm News

We are happy to announce that former Type player Oh Jin Shil aka Real joined Alien Invasion and will strengthen our line up!

With no idea of what he would experience in Germany, he flew over from Korea to be a progamer and tried his best in the European scene. With success!

In the first few weeks after his arrival in Germany Real had to regain his confidence and adapt his playstyle to the European server. But after a few weeks of warming up and getting used to the groove in the Type house back then he started to win some daily cups like: Go4SC2, Zotac Cup, Xilence Cup or three Playhem dailies. Indeed he was performing quite well and even made up some inhouse challenges like 50 games per day for a week which definitely paid out.

Besides those smaller cups he also participated in bigger and renowned tournaments like HomeStory Cup IV where he got to the quarter finals after beating players like Dimaga, Adelscott, Goody or Cloud. Nevertheless he lost to STSound, who finished as 2nd place, in a narrow 2-3 series. Just one month later in February 2012 he flew to Sao Paulo to compete in the IEM Global Challenge Sao Paulo. After he got out of his group defeating biGs and the local player Potiguar, he went on to defeat his Round of 8 opponent Mill.Feast 3-1. Sadly he lost the next game against SuperNova after leading 2-0 and then lost against Ret in the 3rd place decider to finish 4th place.

Likewise he continued to practice after those huge achievements and he tried to qualify for the next HomeStory Cup but lost to sLivko 3-1. Fortunately he was invited to participate in the tournament where he then went out in the first group stage against EmpireHappy and LiquidRet. In the same manner he won a EPS cup and placed quite good in several others of the EPS series to qualify for the EPS Finals in Berlin. Sadly he was already going back to Korea. His last big achievement was the qualification for the MLG Summer Arena 2012. He beat players like Tefel, Snute, Daisy and SortOf to qualify which shows the strength he gained during his practice.

Right now he is going to stay in Korea and will come back to Germany at some point. Please welcome and support our newest player Oh Jin Shil aka AiReal .



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