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NVIDIA HotS Beta Cup

Wed 12th Sep 2012 - 3:48pm News

The closed beta for the next Starcraft 2 expansion ‘Heart of the Swarm’ has been running for only one week so far and already the first beta tournament takes place featuring AiReal.

The long-awaited beta finally arrived and mostly progamers got an invite for it so far to have the best insight for the developers. Therefore it’s no suprise that tournaments would take place in the near future to check out the complexity of the new units in a competitive tournament environment.

But no one suspected the NVIDIA HotS Beta Cup this early. With a $3200 prizepool, other material prizes from NVIDIA and and a two day schedule they already set a high pace for future beta tournaments. It implies, with a prizepool this high, that the participants are also well-known and want to try their best in the tournament. There are four high seeds with IdrA, forGG, Nerchio and White-Ra which gives them default win in their first round. Besides those high seeds 28 other players got invited for this beta tournament and we’re happy that AiReal will play his first official tournament under the Alien Invasion flag. His first opponent will be Moman which should be a feasible task for our Korean Protoss.

The whole tournament is in cooperation with Dennis “Take” Gehlen who will commentate the tournament in German but he also provides a second stream in English.

Let’s see how AiReal will perform in the first beta cup so far on Wednesday and Thursday this week.

EN Stream

DE Stream


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