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AiSeiplo at the WCS European Finals

Fri 14th Sep 2012 - 3:52pm News

The Starcraft 2 World Championship Series will find it’s European finalists this weekend in Stockholm, Sweden and AiSeiplo will try his best to advance to the WCS Finals in China.

The organization of the WCS is spectacular: Blizzard is really outdoing themselves with this type of a tournament. They are paying literally everything from travel expenses to accomodations and food for the players, they’re flying in casters from all over the world to have the best viewing experience for everyone and the location of the event itself looks definitely unrivaled. Moreover the Dreamhack crew produces the whole event which speaks for itself. This is definitely one of the best environments for a tournament.

If you take a look at he list of participants you will see that big names faded, new players arose and some just played their standard game to qualify for the clash about $60.000. The field of competitors at this event is utterly stacked with the top European players like Nerchio, HasuObs or Thorzain and even the race statistics are somewhat equal with eleven Protosses, eight Terrans and thirteen Zergs if you keep in mind that the European scene consists mostly of Protoss and Zerg players. But the problem is that only the top six players will get the seed for the WCS Finals in Shanghai, China. Therefore everyone will play 110% to get one of the six spots in the double elimination bracket.

Anyway all those 31 players have one problem: Seiplo. To quote the “TeamLiquid Power Rank” : “It's a wonder that the DreamHack organizers haven't sent out someone to break his fingers yet.”  This time it could turn out equally in most of his games. Starting with a PvP series against the fellow Scandinavian Babyknight, he will most likely show the strength in his best match up. After his first match his next two matches will either be against Zerg or Protoss. But with possible opponnents like Grubby, Ret or SortOf he will have to perform top notch over the two day tournament.

We’ll see how Seiplo will play at the WCS European Finals and who is going to join players like Stephano, Socke or Creator in the World Finals in Shanghai later this year.

Let the games begin!




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