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Hanfy goes to Paris

Sun 14th Oct 2012 - 4:56pm News

No one in the German scene could stop him, once again: AiHanfy qualified for the ESWC in Paris.

Upsetting the German pro scene once more, AiHanfy did it again and beat every german player in his way to qualify for the ESWC Grand Finals which will take place in Paris in the end of October with a $40.000 prize pool.

During the last week AiHanfy beat all the top notch german players after each other. Starting off with a 2-0 against AiHonor and SoClose he got to the Double Elimination Bracket without losing one map. The last four players who continued to play in the Double Elimination Phase were Delphi, AiHanfy, HasuObs and Krass.

In the first round he played a rematch of the EPS Finals against HasuObs which he lost to in the first EPS Winter Cup 2-1. In spite of the last result he won consequently against one of the German eSports veterans with 3-1 showing once more his strenght in the PvZ match-up. After this he faced Krass in the Winner Bracket Finals which AiHanfy also knocked down to the Loser Bracket 3-1. As the one advancing to the overall Finals our German Zerg only has to win one BO5 once again versus Krass who fought his way back to the finals against HasuObs in a close 3-2 series. But as before AiHanfy was too strong for Krass and he won the German qualifier with a 3-1 series. Having this experience will probably boost the motivation to prepare even more for the upcoming Dreamhack: Bucharest which will be played on the 20th and 21th October.



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