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Alien Invasion at Dreamhack Bucharest

Tue 16th Oct 2012 - 5:30pm News

With three players participating, Alien Invasion will strive for the last possible qualification spots at Dreamhack Bucharest.

This weekend most of the players have the last chance to accumulate some points towards the Dreamhack Winter 2012. Right in the middle of the 64-man strong field of participants we have three of our very own players fighting for the $21,500 : AiHanfy, AiSeiplo and AiTarra.

The last few months you didn’t hear too much about those players. Mostly playing on ladder or online cups like the Alien Invasion Cup they practice silently but it seems like they will create an uproar in Bucharest.

With Seiplo being one of those candidates, his last big offline tournament achievement was at WCS Sweden where he got third behind Thorzain and SortOf. At the WCS European Championship he narrowly lost to BabyKnight 2-1 and lost to the Italian player Stareagle after advancing over Orly in the lower bracket. All in all we shouldn’t take this tournament in consideration for the real power of Seiplo. It’s time to release the Dreamhack Seiplo again who beat HuK and Genius.

“In the last few weeks I improved a lot and got a better feel for all my match ups including PvZ. I think it’s possible for me to end the end tournament with Top8/Top4 if I’m in good shape in Bucharest.”

Our newest addition to the team is also the current Starcraft 2 champion in Germany: AiHanfy. Likewise having a title like that under his belt he knows what he’s capable and that most of his opponents at Dreamhack Bucharest should be a doable task for him. We haven’t seen to much out of him recently so he will be the suprise bag what also could be in his favor because the koreans will be suprised to losing to AiHanfy, the German ESWC representative.

“I hope to provide some good and interesting games for the viewers of Dreamhack Bucharest. I don’t expect that much because it’s only my second offline event. Furthermore I hope that I can play with the same settings in SC2 that I have at home.”

Last but not least we have another German player: AiTarra. During the summer the only thing he did, was winning. As an prime example you could take a look at the ESET Summer Masters 2012. He did not only 2-0 Bly, who has one of the strangest styles in the world; he also won with 3-1 against ESCDaisy, a former Prime member from Korea, in a PvP series which most pros would describe as “who has the better coinflips”. Besides that he also qualified for the EPS again through beating the IESF World Champion Monchi, who will also be in Bucharest, in a crazy series, coming back after the 0-1 lead for Monchi.

“I am very excited to go to Dreamhack Bucharest which will be my biggest offline event so far. I hope to do well and show a good performance there.”

If you take a look at the other participants you will see that it will be challenging tournament for our players. Especially after the second half of the players got announced the rate of world class players increased with players like Stephano, TheSTC or the Korean players of Team Apex.

Grab some popcorn for the weekend and dress purple to witness the Alien Invasion at Dreamhack Bucharest!


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