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IEM Singapore: AiTarra "License to Kill"

Tue 20th Nov 2012 - 4:31pm News

Singapore, November 2012: Only one German player qualified for the Intel Extreme Masters which is no other than special agent Patric “AiTarra” Dann.

Indeed a scene of the new James Bond movie “Skyfall” was filmed in Singapore which showed the beautiful skyline of the metropolis. Battling for 87.000 € shared between League of Legends and Starcraft 2, our special agent Tarra will try his best to sneak up through the group stage where he will face WhiteRa and another Chinese Protoss. Equally after his first coup being undefeated in the group stage he will move on and try his best in the bracket in which he could meet players like Grubby, MC, Slivko, Vortix or YugiOh, but no Terran unless someone qualifies trough the Open Bracket in Singapore. However, how did he qualify for this major tournament ?

His mission started in the third stage of the IEM Singapore qualifier for Europe where he sadly had to win against his teammate AiHanfy 2-1. Besides being dropped down to the Losers Bracket after a 0-2 against Titan, Tarra brought back his A game against HasuObs and finished him off 2-0. After this the russian Zerg Slivko rolled over Tarra, WhiteRa and 2-0’d both of them. At this stage he wouldn’t attend IEM Singapore but several players cancelled their participation which opened the spot for our player.

Furthermore you probably remember, what happened the last time he played in a tournament because one of the qualified players didn’t attend. Right, he won the ESET Summer Masters 2012 at the Gamescom against the two majoritarian races that will be at IEM Singapore: Zerg and Protoss.

AiTarra: “I’m happy that no Terran is attending, PvP is a funny match up at the moment and PvZ is hard to play without all-ins because the lategame is Zerg favored so the Protoss has to end the game before this scenario takes place. I hope that the luck will be on my side and I will perform quite well. So far only half of the group has been announced and I don’t know who else will be in my group but my goal for the tournament is already set: Win as much as possible!”

Support the German hope from Alien Invasion at IEM Singapore this weekend: Patric “AiTarra” Dann!



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