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Wed 13th Feb 2013 - 4:39pm News

We’re starting off with our new interview series which will include all members of Alien Invasion. Our first interviewee will be AiDeMiGoDMSI!

One of the older Alien Invasion members will be back in the game. After 18 months in the Iranian army he will now continue his eSports career in Turkey where he will move to during the next weeks. He will also try to move to Germany as soon as possible to live in the Alien Invasion teamhouse. 

Interview with AiDeMiGoDMSI:

Hello, Demigod!
Tell us a bit about yourself!
What's your nickname, where are you from and what's your history in eSports ?

Hello, my name is Shahriar and my last name is Shaki. My nick name is AiDeMiGoDMSI. I’m playing as pro for seven years now. I was the best Warcraft 3 player in Iran and won the Iranian qualifier for ESWC three times. After ESWC 2010 in Paris I quit Warcraft 3 started playing Starcraft 2. I got in a really good shape after a short time and got an invite from Alien Invasion. But then I had to go to the army for 18 months which I finished four months ago and now I will focus once more on Starcraft. But a big problem in Iran is that we have very bad internet in Iran it’s not the best practice environment. That’s why I will leave Iran soon.

What race do you play in Starcraft 2 and how would you describe your playstyle?

I’m playing Terran and try every style. Most of the time I play macro games and try to get three or four bases. Furthermore I like to use drops to distract my opponents. My micro is also good because of Warcraft 3 but the Iranian internet is the problem. So after I’ll leave Iran, I will show my micro skills.

How did you get in contact with Alien Invasion ?

Before I left for the army, I was very active and performed well. AiTotoro, head of Alien Invasion, saw my games and invited me to join. Im also one of the older players in Alien Invasion for almost two years now.

How did you get into contact with MSI ?

We have a large number of avid gamers in Iran and it's one of the top subject for young people. Two of the best gaming events I attended in my country were both equipped with MSI systems. Both gaming notebooks and MSI components and even AIOs had a suprising performance and advantage. I think I have a nice resume in Iran because I won most of the local tournaments and that's why I managed to have a sponsorship from MSI. 

Have you played the Heart of the Swarm beta yet ?

I was rank 12 in GM with 300-350ms ping but at the moment my Internet is too bad and I can’t play any longer. But in a few days I’ll leave Iran and will play HOTS again.

What do you want to say to your fans?

I want to thank my sponsors Zed Bazi, MSI, Tt eSPORTS, Alien Invasion and all my fans. I will show my skills when I leave Iran. I hope you guys support me. Special thanks also to Heiner aka AiTotoro who always does the best for me.


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