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Interview with Golden WCS Ro32

Thu 29th May 2014 - 3:13pm News

We did a small interview with AiGolden regarding his WCS experience so far.

Hi Golden! You advanced into the round of 16 of WCS EU Premier League by beating TLO and Happy after losing to MC. What were you thinking about your chances against those 3 players before your match?

When group has announced, my feel was so good cause I had to prepare every matchup vsZ vsP vsT.  It sounds not good for player but I thought its pretty good since I practice in ladder only, so every matchup is not wasting time. and I thought Happy will be most hardest player in group cause I lost against him in Copenhagen Games in one month ago, so I prepared so hard against  Happy.

Did you specifically for your opponents or did you just train all matchups?

Happy is one of stylish player in the world. He likes play mech and mindgame, so I prepared mindgame a lot, and to be honest i had really confidence against MC, cause my winrate vs P in ladder is over 75% but his play is really smart.

Which player you dont want to face in the round of 16?

I dont have player who i dont want to play against. I want to meet everyrace again as Ro32 group, then i can practice without waste time :)

What do you think about the chances of your teammate AiPatience to advance (Vortix, Grubby, Tefel in the group)?

I am really impressed by Vortix's play, his play is pretty good so I think he has chance of advance 1st, but in personality I prepared vs MC with Grubby, and he gave me advice how to beat nervous, and he is really good brother since IEM Katowice 2013 with some story. So I really want to him to advance to Ro16. By the way Patience is my teammate so I want Patience to advance to Ro16 as well. So... i can say it as Teamliquid poll style. Head is Vortix, Grubby or Patience; Heart is Grubby, Patience.


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